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Second Skin Documentary interviews Yeh for Games
Second Skin Documentary interviews Yeh for Games
Gamers help give IV fluid therapy to sea turtle
Gamers volunteer for sea turtles
Gamers volunteer for sea turtles
Gamers release sea turtle
Yeh for Games rescues injured sea turtle
Yeh for Games rescues injured sea turtle
Gamers volunteer to help tubefeed sea turtle
Gamers help tubefeed sea turtle
Yeh for Games donates to Sea Turtle Conservation
Yeh for Games donates to Sea Turtle Conservation
Yeh for Games inspects Sea Turtle for health problems
Yeh for Games inspects Sea Turtle for health problems
Yeh for Games inspect Sea Turtle for health problems
Yeh for Games inspect Sea Turtle for health problems
Yeh for Games donates to Sea Turtle Conservation
Yeh for Games donates to Sea Turtle Conservation
Yeh for Games protects sea turtle hatchery
Yeh for Games protects sea turtle hatchery
Yeh for Games prepares for release of sea turtle
Yeh for Games prepares for release of sea turtle
Yeh for Games releases Sea Turtles
Yeh for Games releases Sea Turtles
Yeh for Games watches as sea turtle swims out
Yeh for Games watches as sea turtle swims out
Yeh for Games Featured in a Movie

Yeh! for Games is proud to be part of the acclaimed documentary - Second Skin. Take a look at the documentary which won Honourable Mention at the Adobe MAX awards in the entertainment category and watch Yeh! for Games employees being interviewed!

Employees Volunteer for Sea Turtles

As part of the company's commitment to social responsibility, employees volunteer to help save sea turtles and clean up beaches to preserve the habitat where sea turtles lay eggs.

Pledge to Donate 10% to Sea Turtle Conservation

To support vital sea turtle conservation projects, 10% of every sale made on will be donated to non-profit sea turtle organizations.

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Yeh! for Games, Inc. is dedicated to serving gamers around the world by providing services for the more tedious aspects of gameplay, so you can enjoy more time doing what you actually enjoy in the game, and leave the grinding and repetitive tasks to us. Let us help you play the game on YOUR terms.

Sep-25-12: New WoW Expansion Released: Mists of Pandaria® raises level cap to 90!

    After playing MOP: Mists of Pandaria® Beta, our professional gamers are now prepared to serve you in getting your character to level 90! Or perhaps you want a new alt Panda Monk toon but don't want to level all the way to 85 again? Check out our special MOP Power Leveling packages that will help you save a lot of time leveling in the new WoW expansion.

May-15-12: Diablo 3 Released

    The long-awaited Diablo 3 has finally come. Check out our Diablo 3 Services, to level up your paragon levels, gold, or gear.

Dec-6-11: WoW Season 11 releases - New PvP Gear for Sale!

    The 11th season of WoW Arena is here and with it, comes the new Cataclysmic Gladiator's Armors and Weapons. If you're too busy this with work, school, or just taking a vacation, then let our pro gamers get the news S11 gear quickly for you so you can dominate the PvP scene whenever you have time to play yourself!

    For those of you who are starting to PvP or preparing to compete in the arena, you will need to buy the Ruthless Gladiator's Armors from Season 10 to give you enough resilience to survive PvP combat in the new season.

Sep-15-11: Sidekick Service - Gearing you up without sharing accounts/passwords - 100% secure!

    Need help gearing up but concerned about sharing your account password? No problem! Looking for a tank so you can queue into dungeons quicker? No problem! Looking for a personal healer to keep you alive in PvP? No problem! Our new Sidekick Gaming Service, now allows our professional gamers to play their toon ALONG side with you so that you can gear up quickly without having to share your password to us. We have gamers 24/7 so you can schedule a sidekick to accompany you in whatever gaming help you need. We have tanks, healers, and DPS classes for all your gaming needs.

Apr-10-11: Service First, Pay Later

    We have partnered up with Paypal™ to render gaming services for No Payment + No Interest for over 90 days! To be eligible for this new shopping feature, please sign up for a Bill Me Later® Account and after doing so, shop for your services here and choose Paypal™ as your checkout option!

Mar-15-11: Rift: Planes of Telara Services Available!

    New MMO game Rift was released this month and is hailed as the competitor of WoW, being very similar yet different in subtle ways. Our gamers are excited about this game and are ready to help you level up in Rift or get platinum, planarite, favor, valor, prestige ranks, or PvP gear. Take a look at our Rift Service page for details.

Feb-12-11: Valor Points Service Available!

    Our PvE Raid Team is ready to make valor points for you on a weekly basis. If you don't raid every week, then you are missing out on valor points that can get you the best PvE gear in the game! Buy PvE Valor Points today!

Jan-01-11: Guild Advancement Leveling in WoW

    With the new Guild Levels in place for World of Warcraft, Guild achievements can be a long grind that the entire guild must complete in order to level up your guild. If you're a small guild then leveling up your guild can take months. Ask our customer service reps about our unique guild advancement service if you're looking for help in your guild.

Dec-14-10: Season 9 Opens: All S9 PvP Gear for SALE

Oct-12-10: Patch 4.0.1: Updated Service for the New Honor Points and Justice Points

    The last patch before the expansion has come. With the advent of this patch, a new PvP and PvE point system was implemented. We have updated our site with the new PvP Honor Points and PvE Justice Points to reflect a top-notch service that we are dedicated to providing our customers.

Sep-01-10: Back to School Special

    Students and parents face the issue of balancing schoolwork and play. Let us take care of the grinding for your toon so you can have ample time for your studies without having your toon fall behind. For the month of September, we are offering a 10% discount coupon for those who send in a copy of their student ID.

Jul-04-10: Happy Fourth of July

    Happy 4th to all of our American customers. The office will be closed today and all customer questions will be addressed tomorrow. We hope everyone enjoys some quality time with family and friends.

Apr-25-10: Oil Spill Hurts Us All!

    The massive oil spill in the Gulf has destroyed one of the most beautiful natural areas of our country. Some of our staff volunteers are there right now trying to rescue sea turtles stranded in the oil slick. For information on sea turtle and marine mammals affected by the spill, please visit the NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service. We thank all our customers for their continued support to help fund emergency situations like these.

Mar-20-10: Calling all Gamers!

    Play Wow and put some extra money in your pocket by becoming a member of our professional gaming team. We are always looking for new gamers to help in raids and arena play. We could give you an account to play on your own time and sponsor you for tournaments such MLG Pro or BlizzCon. Apply for a Professional Gamer Job today!

Feb-02-10: Season 8 Arena opens! S8 Wrathful Gladiator's Weapons and Armors for Sale!

    The long awaited season 8 is finally here and with it comes the Wrathful Gladiator's Arena gear. The Relentless and Furious PvP sets have dropped in price considerably and have been moved to our PvP Honor Gear page.

Jan-27-10: Tier 10 Raid Gear now available for Sale!

    Due to popular demand, we have released a service to acquire Tier raid gear for every class whenever new Tier gear is available in-game. Shop for your T9 or T10 set today by visiting our Tier Raid Gear page.

Jan-01-10: Kick off the New Year with a New Level 80!

    Order our power leveling service from 1-80 and get a 10% discount for the New Year Special. Two of our gamers will level a new character for you of any class; getting you level 80 within 10 days. As an added bonus to the New Year, our gamers will also run level 80 dungeons for you so that your new toon is equipped with level 80 epic gear!

Dec-25-09: The staff at YehforGames wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    A new decennium has passed which has brought us new technology and even better online games. Our team would like to celebrate this joyful holiday with special discounts. Call our toll-free number and speak to our customer service reps to find out more.

Dec-20-09: Emblems of Triumph and Emblems of Frost can now be grinded by our Professional Gamers

    Patch 3.3 replaced Emblem of Conquest with Emblem of Triumph. Daily Heroics now drop the new Emblem of Frost. With the new Emblem system changes, we are now making it easier for customers to purchase any variety of Emblems on our Emblem Grinding service page.

Oct-5-09: Looking for the fastest way to get T9 gear? Look no further than our newest Raid Service in which we "carry" you through Trial of the Crusader (ToC) Raid

    Our Pro Gamers are fully geared out in T9 Gear from Trial of the Crusader Raid. They don't need anymore loot from ToC. This is good news for you as our Pro Gamers are willing to run you through ToC, passing on every boss drop just for you to Need. Whether you are gearing up a new level 80 account or just wanting to have the best gear in the game, our Raiding service makes getting Tier 9 Gear a piece of cake!

Sep-15-09: Season 7 Arena Gear is now Available for Sale
Price Drop Alert - Deadly Gladiator's and Furious Gladiator's PvP Gear

    With the advent of Season 7, prices have been reduced for Deadly Gladiator's and Furious Gladiator's Armor sets, while the new Relentless Gladiator's Weapons and Armors are made available to our customers interested in extreme PvP action.

Jun-10-09: Tier 2 Furious Weapons added to our Arena Rewards Page

    The best PvP weapons are now available for you to purchase. Our professional gamers can help you achieve the 2350 personal rating requirement for Tier 2 Furious weapons.

Apr-28-09: Price Drop Alert - Hateful Gladiator's and Deadly Gladiator's Arena Gear; Wintergrasp Titan-Forged PvP Gear added to our PvP Honor Rewards Page; Arena Season 6 Furious weapons and armors added to our Arena Rewards Page

    With the arrival of Season 6, we can now battle for you in Lake Wintergrasp and earn Marks of Honor for you to get the Titan-Forged PvP gear. Hateful Gladiator's and Deadly Gladiator's Gear has dropped in price considerably. Buy them cheap now. We have also updated our site with the new S6 Furious Gladiator gear for those who already have S5 Deadly Gear.

Mar-30-09: Achievement Service Released!

    Need help completing WoW Achievements? Then sign up for our New Achievement Hunting service where our gamers grind achievement points for you and complete specific Achievements for you.

Feb-10-09: Naxxramas Raid and Eye of Eternity added to our Raid Service Page; Arena Season 5 Deadly weapons and armors added to our Arena Rewards Page

    Due to popular demand, we have now updated our Raid service to add 10 / 25 Naxx raid and Eye of Eternity raid. Now is the time to start collecting Emblem of Valors and PvE raiding gear. Since Blizzard recently removed BG Honor weapons, it is recommended that you acquire a raiding weapon from Naxx so our arena pro gamers can help you reach 1900+ ratings for S5 Deadly weapons and armors which are now available for sale too.

Dec-20-08: Season 5 BG Honor Gear and Season 5 Arena Gear is now available for Sale!

    The first PvP season (S5) for WotLK has begun. Our hardcore PvP gamers are ready to acquire the Level 80 Savage, Hateful, and Deadly Gladiator's armor set for Season 5 Arena and Battlegrounds. If you have a Death Knight, you will be surprised to find that the new Death Knight class also has their own new PvP set. It is highly recommended to start off with the Savage Gladiator's Gear when equipping your character for PvP combat at level 80.

Dec-05-08: Emblem of Heroism and WotLK Dungeon Runs - New Wrath of the Lich King Services Released

    Our professional gamers will form groups and run WotLK Heroic dungeons and Normal raids to gather Emblems of Heroism for your level 80 character. These Emblems can be used to buy epic rewards which include the new "Bind-to-Account" items which can be transferred to your other characters on your account, making it easier to level a new character or to twink out an Alt for lower level-bracket Battlegrounds.

Nov-01-08: Wrath of the Lich King Power Leveling Released - Limited space available - Reserve a spot here now!

    Be the first on your server to get Level 80 when the new expansion releases on November 13, 2008. Our Beta-testing gamers for WotLK have concluded that we can level your character from level 70 to 80 in less than 10 days. Don't lag behind everyone in levels as they make the rush for 80; otherwise you may find yourself getting killed at level 70 by the new level 80's who will take advantage of this time ganking the new 70 lowbies. Those who reach level 80 first will also dominate the WoW economy through the auction house, making large sums of gold because they are able to easily farm the new greens and profession mats as a level 80.

    If you know you're going to be busy with work or school when WotLK releases, we recommend reserving a space now to ensure you get America's fastest and safest power leveling service you deserve.

Jun-24-08: World of Warcraft Arena Season 4 and Season 2 are now available for purchase!

    The season 2 WoW gear will cost the same as season 1, if you have an incomplete order for season 1 gear it will be upgraded to s2. Unfortunately with Blizzard’s recent changes the same can not be said about season 4.

    Every s4 piece excluding gloves will have a team/personal rating requirement attached to it, also affected by the rating changes is a few honor pieces, and so this being the case the cost of s4 gear will rise, even a small amount for some of the lower rating pieces. As for the weapons (2050) and shoulders (2250) the pricing on them will go up significantly, the shoulders along are basically a visual for Duelist/Gladiators.

    This season will be the most difficult yet with all the rating requirements a lot of players will be disheartened and not participate, also it will give us more problems in servicing you. Our arena teams are being reorganized the players are studying, watching videos, practicing with each other to prepare and be able to give you the best possible service. We look forward to this season and invite you to go on the roller coaster that is S4 along with us.

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